Why Outdoor Storage Is Just as Good (or Better) Than Indoor

Outdoor storage is sometimes looked down upon when compared with its indoor sister units. We are here to tell you not to make a judgment too rashly! Although both options have their pros and cons, outdoor storage actually has some great benefits over indoor storage and it just might be the right fit for you! Here are some reasons why we think outdoor storage is a great option:

  • Outdoor units are exactly what they look like—basically they provide an extra garage space for the customer. This is really great because the garage is where most people store their belongings anyway! So, these units act as a natural extension to your current storage.
     outdoor storage units are larger than your typical indoor units
  • When it comes to ease of unloading items into a storage unit, outdoor units are the clear winner. Customers have easy access and can drive right up to the door to unload. Forget about hauling loads of furniture and boxes on a cart like you would need to for an indoor unit. Unload straight from the truck!
  • Most outdoor storage units are larger than your typical indoor units. If you are looking for more space, these will give you all the space you need.
  • Because of their large size, outdoor units can be used to store a car or outdoor motorized toys (snow mobiles, jet skis, etc.). Many vintage and sports car owners store their cars in storage units to prevent exposure to rain, hail, or other undesirable weather.