Smart Storage Solutions Anyone Can Use

If you are like the majority of people, you feel like you have too much clutter and also feel like you can’t get rid of all of it. Many of us are looking for storage solutions that will give them a sense of calm and organization, and here at Wolf’s Self Storage, we have a few tips for smart storage solutions that we believe anyone could use at some point or another!

tips for smart storage solutions

  • Keep what you love. If you are keeping your clothing items that you hope to fit back into one day, your extra set of dishes or that piece of furniture that you thought would be useful but you don’t really like, then now is the time to carefully consider what you love and what can go. You might feel surprised at how little you need once you start to let go and keep only the items that you love and use or that mean something to you.
  • Use outside help. A great, smart storage solution is to start getting help where help is needed. Instead of keeping piles of paper out, get a filing cabinet so you know where things are or- better yet, go paperless. Storage units are fantastic solutions for the larger items that you want but are simply not in the formula for today’s lifestyle.
  • Be realistic. Are you really going to want your old clothing once you lose weight and can fit into it again? Do you really intend to take up sewing/painting/sculpting? Be realistic about things you need to keep and things you know don’t interest you anymore.

What smart storage solutions do you use around your home to keep things neat and tidy? We love to hear smart storage solutions, so let us know in the comments!