The What, Why, and When of Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is when your storage unit is equipped to regulate the unit’s temperature. This allows your items to stay cool during hot weather and warm during the winter. It is not the same as having the heater or AC on in the house, but it does keep your storage unit at a reasonable temperature. Also, climate-controlled storage can help manage the humidity in your unit to protect your belongings.

The What, Why, and When of Climate-Controlled Storage

Why Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Primarily you need climate-controlled storage to protect items from damage. Many items are sensitive to temperature changes and can be damaged when the weather gets too hot or cold. The fluctuation of temperate can cause havoc on your possessions.

Many people use climate-controlled storage for valuables or collectibles. Electronics, instruments, antiques, art, and furniture can crack in the cold or warp and melt in the heat. And without climate-controlled storage, your items may also grow mold due to humidity.

When Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

If you are a collector, you will need a climate-controlled storage unit to protect your collection. Also, climate-controlled storage is recommended if your possessions will be stored for long periods or if you are storing inventory for your business.

We would advise you to also consider a climate-controlled storage unit if you are moving and there is a gap of time between leaving your old place and moving into your new home. This will help keep your items in the best condition.

Now that you know what climate-controlled storage is, be sure to consider whether climate-controlled storage is the best option for you.