Tips for Long-Term RV Storage

When it comes to spending time with your family or hitting the open road, there are few ways to do so that will be as enjoyable as taking your journey in an RV! With the necessities and comforts of home, you are free to explore where the road will take you and enjoy the trip just as much as the destination. During the off-season, however, preparing your RV for storage can be crucial to ensuring that your next trip will be an enjoyable one. Here at Wolf’s Self Storage, we know a thing or two about storage! We have compiled a few tips for you to store your RV that will keep your RV looking and working great.

RV Storage

First, choose the right storage facility. Many people don’t realize that storage facilities are more than small garages. Many of the better facilities will include RV storage, outdoor storage, boat storage and more! Choosing the right storage facility will make your experience so much easier and help you clear up much-needed storage space at your own home.

Second, make sure you have winterized your RV properly. Taking precautions like avoiding trees (they drop leaves and sap that damage the paint) or covering your tires to protect them from sun damage are just a few things that are helpful. Making sure that everything is clean, repaired, and ready to go for winter can make your next trip much easier.

Finally, make sure your RV is locked and secure in its facility. This can include locking the doors, covering holes so mice and rodents can’t find their way in, and preparing the battery.

If you’d like more tips on RV storage or to learn more about the storage options we here at Wolf’s Self Storage offer our RV owners, please give us a call today!