How to Prepare for Off-Season Boat Storage

As the leaves change colors and temperatures drop, it’s a clear sign that the boating season is ending. Proper boat storage and winterization are essential to ensure your vessel remains in excellent condition and ready for next year’s adventures.

How to Prepare for Off-Season Boat Storage

Here’s a helpful checklist as you prepare your vessel for boat storage:

  • Choose the right boat storage location. Look for a boat storage facility with secure, open-air storage spaces. Invest in a durable boat cover to shield your vessel from the elements.
  • Clean and protect your boat. Before storing your boat, give it a thorough cleaning. Remove debris, dirt, or marine growth from the hull and deck. Clean the interior to prevent mold and mildew growth and remember to empty out all compartments.
  • Winterize the engine. Proper engine winterization is critical to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Change the oil and oil filter and add a fuel stabilizer to the tank to prevent fuel degradation. You’ll also want to drain the cooling system and replace the coolant with antifreeze. Be sure to disconnect the battery or use a battery maintainer to keep it charged.
  • Protect the interior. Remove all valuables, electronics, and personal items and open all cabinets, compartments, and hatches to promote ventilation. Leave cushions slightly elevated to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Cover and secure Your Boat. Cover your boat with a high-quality, breathable boat cover. Ensure that it fits snugly to prevent wind from lifting it. Use straps and tie-downs to secure the cover in place. Additionally, invest in a lock or security system if storing your boat outdoors.

By taking these steps and investing time into your boat’s maintenance, you can enjoy years of safe and enjoyable boating adventures. Call us today to reserve a boat storage space.